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Signs and Symptoms of Paralysis

In this article, you will learn about signs and symptoms of paralysis. “Precautions is better than cure” is a true saying to remain fit and fine.

In order to prevent and keep you away from any of the disease, one should take all the precautionary measure if he/she feel that signs and symptoms of illness are approaching.

Paralysis is a disease when any part of a body is not functioning in its normal manner.

Any injury, illness, nervous disorder or due to any other reason one is unable to move its body parts completely or partially causes Paralysis.

Some of the common signs relating to Paralysis are the weakness, muscle cramps, numbness, loss of sensation.

Depending upon the cause the paralysis, it may affect in different ways.

Symptoms of Paralysis

It can be categorized in different ways

1. Generalized Paralysis


  • Monoplegia: When one limb of the body is paralyzed.
  • Hemiplegia: When paralysis on leg and arm on one side of the body occurs.
  • Paraplegia: When paralysis on both legs and arms occurs.
  • Tetraplegia or Quadriplegia: When paralysis occurs on both arms and legs of both side.


2. Localised Paralysis


  • Paralysis of the vocal cord due to which person may be able to speak but the voice is rough.
  • Paralysis on the one side of the face.
  • Paralysis on the hand


3. Temporary Paralysis

  • When the paralysis occurs for a certain time period and gets cure afterward is called temporary paralysis. Bell’s Palsy and sometimes stroke may results in temporary paralysis as well.
  • When a person has some sensation and able to move some of its affected body parts, it’s called partial paralysis.


4. Permanent Paralysis


  • Paralysis which is non-curable and remains for a lifetime is called permanent paralysis. Serious injuries like injury in the spine or broken neck may lead to permanent paralysis.
  • The person has no sensation and functionality of that part is completely nil then it’s called complete paralysis.


5. Spastic Paralysis

  • When the muscles are unusually stiff or have unintentional muscle contractions it is called Spastic Paralysis.


6. Cerebral Paralysis

  • When there is a brain injury at the time of birth or some faulty brain development in the fetus then it leads to Cerebral Paralysis.

For different Paralysis, there are different signs and symptoms as mentioned above. Although it is not all, paralysis is such a bad disease that it may affect any part of the body at any time and can be due to any reason as well.

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