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Paralysis – A Curse

In this article, you will learn about Paralysis – A Curse. In layman words, paralysis is a disease when any part of a body is not functioning properly.

Any injury, illness, heredity, nervous disorder, disease etc. due to which one is unable to move his/her body part completely or partially in a proper manner will lead to Paralysis.

A person suffering from paralysis will not feel anything on the affected part and there will be no sensation in it. It can be permanent or temporary, complete or partial and generalized or localized.

There are different types of Paralysis:


• Monoplegia

Mono means single, one. As the name says Monoplegia it means paralysis in only one limb i.e. either one arm or one leg.

People who are suffering from Monoplegia have control over the rest of the body except the affected area. This partial paralysis can also lead to other injuries like strokes, brain injury, tumors etc.

• Hemiplegia

Hemi means half, so when the paralysis occurs in one arm or leg on the same side of the body it is called Hemiplegia.

It often starts with numbing, pin sensation in body, weakness and then completes stoppage of that part of the body.

• Diplegia

When paralysis occurs in the symmetrical parts of the body, it is called Diplegia. This paralysis is most common in children.

Difference between Diplegia and Hemiplegia is that Hemiplegia affects one side of the body whereas Diplegia affects both symmetrical body parts.

• Paraplegia

When the paralysis occurs below the spinal cord which leads to non-functioning of leg, hips or the lower body part it leads to Paraplegia.

• Quadriplegia

Quadra means four, so that means when all the four limbs are affected it leads to Quadraplegia.

Likewise another paralysis, in Quadraplegia also the person may slowly retrain their brains and affected parts through exercise and therapy.

• Tetraplegia

Tetra means three, loss of three limbs leads to Tetraplegia.

Below are some of the common symptoms one may notice when getting a paralytic attack:

• Weakness in the hands or legs on one or both side of the body.

• Blurry vision.

• Confused.

• Feeling dizzy.

• Falling down or feeling faint.

• Unable to coordinate parts of the body.

• Difficulty in movement.

Although paralysis can occur due to any reason, however, there are some of the common causes which lead to paralysis:

• Stroke

• Spinal cord injury

• Brain injury

• Nervous system disorder

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