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Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Brain Aneurysm

In this article learn about Warning signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm.

Aneurysms can develop in two most common places namely the abdominal aorta and the brain.

A brain aneurysm is often a frightening term for everyone where medical experts call it as an intracranial or a cerebral aneurysm.

How many people are affected by this serious disease?

As the symptoms remain undetected, the figure cannot be estimated.

Although a brain aneurysm can be treated in the initial stage, there are certain conditions in which it takes the patient to a serious condition known as subarachnoid hemorrhage where the aneurysm rupture and starts bleeding.

In the case where an aneurysm does not burst, few symptoms listed below can be seen in the patient.

· Sudden severe headache
· Nausea and vomiting
· Difficulty in looking at light (Photophobia)
· Neck stiffness
· Pain around eyes
· Feeling difficulty in speaking
· Short-term memory loss

Any of the above symptoms appear, immediately consult with a practitioner for further treatment before it gets rupture.

But a little of the above symptoms is in common with the ruptured aneurysm. If a sudden headache starts than ever before, then there is a high possibility that a brain aneurysm may rupture.

A headache sometimes called as a thunderclap headache. Now, what are the other warning signs of ruptured aneurysm?

· Unconsciousness
· Double vision
· Lack concentration
· Neck pain
· Complete sickness
· Weakness on one side of the body
· Seizures

Large ruptured aneurysms require emergency medical treatment. Seek doctor advice if you experience any of the symptoms.

Note: In a rare case, an aneurysm leaks a little amount of blood known as sentinel bleed which also leads to a headache.

The medical emergency can be treated with many techniques using available modern equipment by NEURO INTERVENTION INDIA.

When you caught NEURO INTERVENTION INDIA in time, there are several things the neurosurgeons can help with to stop the rupture or life-saving methods.

What the treatment options needed to the patient are observation, endovascular therapy, and surgical therapy.

Neurosurgeons work their ultimate best with all these treatment options by monitoring the aneurysm properly and obviously, they can decide the best option to treat this life-threatening disease depending upon the size, location, and severity of an aneurysm.

Understanding the sensitive organ of your body, the brain and offering the best treatment for the patient is what NEURO INTERVENTION INDIA aims at.

Know the symptoms the earliest and save your own life.

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