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Complications of a Brain Hemorrhage


In this article, you will learn about Complications after a brain haemorrhage. We are very much aware of the critical medical condition Brain haemorrhage, It is bleeding in or around the brain.

It’s a life-threatening medical condition, and it is crucial to get medical treatment right away.

Of course, it is very important to recognize this critical situation and should be monitored very closely.

The most common cause of a brain haemorrhage is high blood pressure; although there are various other factors can lead to a brain haemorrhage such as Head injuries, Liver disease, Brain Tumor etc.
Complications can arise after facing this life-threatening medical condition.

The after-effects of a brain haemorrhage include complications like loss of memory, speech, or movement in the affected area are common. Although depending on the occurred damage there might be some lasting complications.

These problems can include:

· Paralysis

· Numbness or weakness in part of the body

· Difficulty swallowing

· Vision loss

· Inability to speak or understand words

· Memory loss

Many patients who have experienced a brain haemorrhage do survive. Probably a person can recover from a brain haemorrhage with proper treatment under the supervision of experienced neurointerventionist.

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