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What to Avoid When Someone is Having A Stroke?


Strokes are brain attacks, occur when the supply of blood to the brain becomes interrupted or reduced. When this happens, the brain does not get adequate oxygen or nutrients, and brain cells begin to die.

A stroke is a medical disaster that needs instant medical attention. In the United States, Stroke is considered the fifth-leading root of death.

Nearly 800,000 people have a stroke each year. That compares to about one person every 40 seconds. Approximately 40 percent of people who die from stroke are male, with 60 percent of deaths occurring in females.

Stroke can be life-threatening and can even lead to permanent disability. When a person is having a stroke, every second count.

And what you do in those serious moments can potentially protect someone’s life. Here are things to avoid when someone is having a stroke:

Do not let the Patient Go to Sleep

People who have a stroke usually feel sleepy, and all that occurs unexpectedly without any warning signs. It is imperative not to let the person go to sleep who’s experiencing a stroke.


Stroke treatment is time complex and letting a person sleep can be life-threatening. Even if the person is denying visiting a hospital, it is important to call an ambulance immediately and take them before any large damage.

Do not Drive them to the Hospital

It is never wise to drive a stroke patient to the hospital and never let the person drive themselves as stroke can harm the ability to drive safely.

Whenever someone is a having a stroke, Always call an ambulance. Ambulances are prepared with necessary life-saving equipment, healthcare experts, and drugs that can instantly save the life of the patient.

Emergency responders can begin life-saving treatment as soon as they reach the patient which can aid minimizes damage.

Do not Give Them Any Drug

Usually, people consider that giving aspirin will help, but it does not because it is not always a blood clot that bases a stroke. It can be caused by a cracked blood vessel and give aspirin in such a state will make the bleeding worse.


Do not self-medicate the person having a stroke. To maximize probabilities of survival, it is vital to call an ambulance right away.

Refrain from giving the patient anything to Drink or Eat

It is better advised to avoid drinking or eating when the person is suffering a stroke. Since a stroke can cause muscle faintness throughout the body and can even lead to paralysis, a person suffering from a stroke can obstruct on food, water and have struggled in swallowing.

Other measures taken to help reduce the risk of stroke include:

The points mentioned above are life-threatening and must be keeping an eye on without fail.

A stroke can be fatal and critical, so it is essential never to delay in seeking medical attention. Most people will wait and detect if the symptoms will improve; however, it is one of poorest things to do as it raises the chances of disability significantly or death.

Attention, every single second count when someone is experiencing a stroke. So, act prudently and swiftly!

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