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Why Hemorrhages Damage the Brain?

Brain hemorrhage is due to bleeding around the brain.It can be either result of ruptured aneurysm known as hemorrhagic paralysis. It can also a significant blood flow to the head.

In this, there are abnormally weak blood vessels due to much bleeding.

It can also be due to Drug abuse and trauma.In this person facing difficulty while speaking.

The brain wants the continuous flow of blood to transmit all the vital nutrient and oxygen all over the body.

When Bleeding is done the areas of brain fed be the ruptured blood vessel.

It will cause a lack of oxygen that leads to damage to brain and death may be happening.

A brain aneurysm is basically due to a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel inside the brain.

This cause due to the area of the blood vessel gets worn out from the continuous flow of blood and bulges out.

Hemorrhages Damage Brain Because

This will be a cause of sudden increase pressure inside the brain.

Intracranial pressure (ICP) sudden increase the pressure inside the brain cavity which greatly affect our brain. In this condition, excessive bleeding decreases oxygenation and causes swelling.


It increases too much ICP (intracranial pressure) that stop the activity of brain which greatly damages the Brain.

Altered Neurologic Function

The effects of a brain hemorrhage on neurologic function include a severe headache, decreased a level of consciousness characterized by confusion or unconsciousness, visual disturbances and weakness or loss of motor function.


Another main effect of brain hemorrhage is vasospasm.

It causes a diminish and tightening of cerebral Blood vessels. Blood is spread around the brain tissue and cerebral arteries.


An area where bleeding is done where vasospasm of blood vessel is done.

Brain cells fed by the breaking of blood vessels.In which another surrounding tissue is also facing a decrease in blood flow because of the vasospasm.

This effect worse the damage to the brain.

Bursting of Arteries

Brain hemorrhages can be very serious. It is basically due to the bursting of arteries.

Brain hemorrhage weakening your brain muscles. It is determined by the size of the hemorrhage that how much swelling in the brain and how quickly the bleeding is stopped.

The excessive blood discharge stops the normal circulation to the brain.

It greatly harms our brain.It is generally due the deprived of oxygen in the brain.

High pressure can cause excessive bleeding which causes a serious death issue.

Once it is diagnosed it must provide proper treatment.In which various surgery is to be done.

Surgery is basically done when the condition is critical. It must be done to reduce the pressure.

There were other treatments also taking medicines like anti-anxiety drugs, anti-epileptic drugs etc. it would be helpful to save a person from death.

Brain Hemorrhages Damage Treatment.

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