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Best Paralysis Treatment

In this article, we will learn about paralysis treatment. Paralysis is the loss or inability of voluntary muscle power.It is the loss of ability to move some or whole part of the body. It may be the cause of the serious issue.

In which person must be disabled to do all the function of the body. It may be temporary or permanent.Paralysis must affect a specific muscle group of the body.

It may sudden arise. When it affected the one side of the body. Then this is called a hemiplegia. On the other hand when both sides of the body may affect. Then this is called bilateral hemiplegia.

Paralysis affects any part of the body like face, hands, leg etc. Paralysis can greatly affect your life.

So there must be proper treatment provided to restore the movement and flexibility of the affected part.

There were 5 steps that can help to restore the movement into paralyzed muscles after stroke.

Start Practicing Passive Exercises

Whenever you not the movement of your affected muscles. You can start done exercise passively. Passive exercise helps you to use your other side to accommodate your affected muscles. While doing hand exercises.


You can use your ‘good’ hand to help your affected hand move. Or you can use your ‘good’ leg to help your paralyzed leg move.

Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has recently given a great benefit for use in Paralyzed Treatment.

HBOT involves wearing an oxygen mask that transfers pure oxygen to you in a pressurized room or tube.

This will greatly help to increases the amount of oxygen going to the brain.

One of the main advantages of this therapy is that  HBOT leads to significant neurological improvements.

It would be much help not only post stroke patients even at chronic late stages.


Acupuncture leads to great benefit in paralysis. It gives a Good response to the survivors rather than who received wrong or no acupuncture.

It helps to increase cerebral blood flow in the brain. It also releases positive brain chemicals like endorphins.

Magnetic Brain Stimulation

Magnetic brain stimulation is done by activating surrounding parts of the brain.In this neuroplasty is to be done.

The is one of the most important aspects of stroke recovery. In these new neurons tale up the responsibilities that the damaged part of the brain once controlled.

Neuroplasticity is encouraged by physical and mental practice .in this and magnetic brain stimulation can improve this process.


Previous treatment is mostly focused on survivors with existing movement. Recent Advanced technologies now work for hemiplegia too.

These are the most important steps for regaining movement after paralysis.

It will help to person to move the body in all direction.

By proper treatment and care person will gain to restore the movement to paralyzed muscles after stroke. So never lose your hope.

Best Paralysis Treatment in Delhi

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