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What are the causes of Paralysis?

Paralysis is the inability to move the part of the body.It either be temporary or permanent depends on the condition.

Paralysis is basically due to nerve damage not to an injury to the affected reasons. It can occur one or whole part of the body.

Paralysis of the lower half of your body in which including both legs, is called paraplegia. Paralysis of the arms and legs is called an quadriplegia.

In this condition, a brain is unable to transmit a signal to an area of the body.This is basically due to injuries to the brain.

The brain is able to sense touch and other sensations in the body but not be able to pass the signal all over the body.

Causes of Paralysis

There are several possible reasons to cause an paralysis. It may either be temporary or permanent paralysis. Spinal cord injuries are the major cause of paraplegia which is a type of paralysis.

causes of paralysis

These injuries inhibit the brain’s ability to send and receive signals below the site of the injury. Due to strokes or injuries such as spinal cord, a person would be disabled to done normal work.

Some other causes of paralysis  include like

Nerve diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Autoimmune such as Guillain-Barre syndrome


Birth defects

Sometimes in this nerve damage at the hips or waist. This more typically variety of monoplegia or hemiplegia.

Types and Causes of Paralysis

1. Monoplegia

Monoplegia is paralysis of occurring in a single part of the body.It is most typically to one limb. In this result of damage to a whole peripheral nervous system.

People having monoplegia typically control the rest of their body. But they cannot move or feel sensations in the affected limb. Monoplegia is basically a temporary condition

cause of Monoplegia are  Strokes, Tumors, Nerve damage due to injuries, Nerve placement

2. Hemiplegia

Hemiplegia has affected only one part of the body.It results from a loss of movement on the affected part of the body.Hemiplegia basically affects an arm and leg on the same side of the body.


It is basically temporary but the overall prognosis depends on the treatment.

Causes of Hemiplegia

This is commonly due to stroke affecting one part of the brain.An interesting fact is that paralysis normally occurs on the opposite side of the brain to the side that was damaged.This caused a weakness on one side of the body.


Paraplegia is paralysis caused by an injury to the spinal cord.It resulting a loss of movement in both legs. Spinal cord injuries are the major factor of paraplegia.

These injuries inhibit the brain ability to send and receive signals throughout the body.In this Congenital malformations in the brain or spinal cord.

These were the main causes of paralysis which could be minimized by proper treatment.

In which doctors gave proper treatment like surgery or possible amputation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, Physiotherapy etc.

So that person would be able to live the normal life.

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