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Ways to Stop a Brain Aneurysm From Leaking or Bursting

In this article, you will learn about ways to stop a brain aneurysm from leaking or bursting. The balloon-like weakness of the blood vessels is especially dangerous in the brain while some pose no threat.  

Ballon like blood vessels is too much dangerous for the brain. While some pose no threat, others are a great risk for bleeding which can steadily grow.

The balloon in the blood vessels fills with the blood. This may compress nerves and tissue in the brain. It also causes a trigger headache to the brain.

The worst case scenario is when an aneurysm is a cause of hemorrhage or bursting the arteries. It causes in flooding the brain with blood. This also causes a devastating type of stroke. In a brain aneurysm, almost one-third of patients is almost dead.

Here are Several Ways to Stop Prevent a Brain Aneurysm From Leaking or Bursting

1. Surgical Clipping

Surgical clipping is one of the most traditional methods to prevent the brain from leaking or bursting. This procedure requires an general anesthesia and starts with an incision in your scalp.

There would be opening or a window type hole is done in the skull. In this, there is using a powerful surgical microscope armed with a bright light.  

To locate the brain aneurysm surgeons place a small metal spring-clip on it and pinch it off. when the repair is confirming, surgeons close the wound.

Surgical clipping is basically a complex procedure but when the patient leaves the hospital with aneurysm repair then there is no risk of hemorrhage.

Surgical clipping is very useful method prevent from leaking or bursting.

2. Coiling

The technology for treating brain aneurysm is very advanced technology. It is to be guided by the  X rays, surgeons could gently thread catheters through the body’s blood vessels up to the brain.

Today almost 80 to 90 percent of aneurysm patients can be treated with coiling or other endovascular techniques. There would be small, platinum coils are mounted on a wire sent through the catheter are deposited in a brain aneurysm.

A clot forms around them, sealing the aneurysm from within. For a brain aneurysm with a wide opening, stents can be added to keep the coils in place.

When the treatment is done in which patients are briefly hospitalized. They should have minimal pain or discomfort and they can return to normal work within a few days.

3. Flow Diverter


Carotid artery aneurysm is very complex and requires the risk of surgery. It is a very emergency condition and requires high -risk of surgeries.  

We can easily prevent an aneurysm with the using stents in about 20 minutes. There is a little pain in which quick recovery is done the very short time.

Neurointervention neurosurgeons are among the first to use the flow diverter to treat a brain aneurysm.

The flow diverter uses the two things. Firstly, it causes an aneurysm to clot off to prevent the bursting of arteries and keeps a blood vessel to the brain open.

Then about 6 months, blood flow through the aneurysm decrease and the blood vessel are to be used as a stent to create a permanent seal.

These are the several ways to prevent the brain from bursting or leaking the arteries. The aim of the treatment is to prevent rebleeding by sealing off an aneurysm.

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