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4 Risk Elements of Brain Stroke

In this article, you will learn about 4 risk elements of brain stroke.  A stroke basically happens when blood flow to a part of your brain is suddenly stopped.

When the supply of oxygen suddenly stops, brain cells started to be dying within in minutes. To prevent the stroke, there are many things you have to be needed.

Stroke has occurred the 6th rank among all the diseases. Millions of cases of stroke are reported to be hospital daily every year.

A stroke usually occurs in the old age. But it is just a saying, young people also suffering from the brain stroke.

Types of Stroke

A stroke basically happens in two ways – something that blocks the flow of blood or it may also occur excessive bleeding around the brain.

1. Ischemic Stroke

In most cases, a blood vessel that takes blood to your brain getting to be blocked. It happens due to the fatty deposits in the arteries to be broken off.  

Poor blood flow from an irregular heartbeat that forms a blood clot also be a cause of ischemic stroke.

2. Hemorrhagic Stroke


It is frequent happens most serious than the ischemic stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke happens when the vessels in the brain are to balloon up and bursts. It also weakens our blood vessels.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure and talking too much blood thinner drugs also be a cause of this kind of stroke.

3. Risk Causes of Brain Stroke

There are many causes that are most likely to be a stroke. Other things also put into the risk of brain stroke.

4. High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is the biggest cause of the stroke. The doctor calls it as hypertension. It puts into the emergency condition.

If your blood pressure is typically 140/90  or higher then this, then you must discuss with your doctor. He may prescribe some medicines for you that will help to prevent stroke.

5. Tobacco or Smoking

Smoking or tobacco then it raises to be added as the main cause of stroke. Nicotine makes your blood pressure very high. Smoking also causes some fatty tissue buildup in your main neck artery.

It also causes to be thickening your blood vessels and makes it more likely to clotting of blood vessels in the brain.

6. Heart Disease

This condition generally happens due to the defective heart valves as well as partial fibrillation. Irregular heartbeat also is a cause of brain stroke that mostly happens to the elderly people. Fatty deposits of tissue also clogged the blood arteries.

7. Diabetes

People who have high blood pressure are mostly due to the overweight.  Both reasons increase the chance of stroke. Diabetes greatly damages your blood vessels that put you in the stroke.  

When the blood sugar level rise in the body then it increases the chance of stroke. Injury to your brain greatly increases the chance of brain stroke.

Well, this was the end of the article, four risk elements of brain stroke. The earlier treatment is necessary to prevent the brain stroke.

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