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Best Stroke Treatment in Delhi

In this article, you will learn about best stroke treatment in Delhi.  Stroke is one of the leading reasons for death cause. It is also due to disability in India.

A stroke is the quick loss of brain functions basically caused by the blockage or an hemorrhage. With time, the affected area of the brain cannot function well that might result in an inability to move or limbs.

The person also facing one side of inability to see one side of the visual field. In this person has the inability to understand while speaking.

Stroke affects all age group of people or gender.  Studies reveal that one in every 400 people suffering from a stroke.

The chance of stroke greatly reduced by recognizing the signs of stroke and for getting the best treatment. Early treatment and require the medical check-up greatly can save someone lives.

It also helps to prevent serious and long-lasting problems. It is very important to reach the hospital within 4-5 hours before the onset of stroke.

Regarding this, neurointerventionist is one of the best stroke treatment in Delhi. Dr. Vipul Gupta is one of the most experienced and reputed surgeons in Delhi.

He uses advanced treatment for the stroke and skilled while using the latest invasive treatment procedures such as endovascular coiling and wingspan system.

Symptoms of Brain Stroke

Stroke symptoms are painful that also lead to a heart attack. Stroke requires emergency medical condition. Their outcomes can be a very life-threatening. Here few symptoms are :

-Sudden weakness of the face , arm, precisely on one side of the body.

-Difficulty to seeing in one or both the eyes

– Person to be having speaking abilities

-Person having loss of memory

-Trouble walking

-Person facing difficulty while absorption the food

-Sudden severe headache

-loss of balance or coordination

Causes of Brain Stroke


High blood pressure is the major risk for the brain stroke. The other risk factors are to be defined as :

– Diabetes

-High  cholesterol in the body

– If the family history have to be stroke


-High taking amount of alcohol consumption

Rehabilitation of Stroke Treatment

A stroke is basically a life-changing event that can affect a person both physically or individually. After stroke, several therapies greatly helps us to recovery.

Speech Therapy


Speech therapy greatly helps us when people facing problems while understanding in speech. For this practice, relaxation, good communication greatly helps us.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps us to get coordination. A person facing difficulty at first but you must never lose your hope while performing the speech therapy.  

Occupational Therapy

This is helpful to a person to perform the daily routine activities such as bathing, reading, writing, dressing, etc.

Here are Several Tests to Diagnose the Stroke

Blood Tests

A doctor may perform several blood tests to find out which type of stroke is happening. The level of particular substances in the blood, clotting factors is also tested whether it is the infection or not.  

CT Scan

Series of X- rays are put in the brain to show whether it is hemorrhages, strokes, tumors etc within the brain.

MRI Scan

Radio Waves and magnets create an image of the brain to diagnose the brain stroke. MRI scan also is done to detect the damaged brain tissue in the brain.

Well, this was the end of the article of best stroke treatment in Delhi. Effective treatment is very necessary for the prevention of brain stroke.

Brain Stroke Treatment in India

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