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5 Best Surgery to Cure Stroke Treatment

In this article, you will learn about 5 best surgery to cure stroke treatment. A stroke basically occurs when the blood supply to the brain suddenly stops or bursting of blood vessels in the brain.

When there is lack of oxygen, nerve cell in the affected area can’t do the function and person die within minutes.

When blood starts clotting in the arteries then heart attack occurs. The sudden loss of blood in the brain leads to brain bleeding. Stroke is the disease related to the brain and it affects the whole body.

It also causes other problems such as cognitive and memory deficits, speech problems, emotional difficulties, daily living problems, and pain.

5 Best Surgery to Cure Stroke Treatment is as Follows:

Types of Surgery After Stroke



A stroke is caused when the continuous blood flow in the brain is compromised by either a clogged or bursting an artery. Surgery is done to treat hemicraniectomy after or both the ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.

When there is too much swelling in the brain, it creates unhealthy pressure which is also called intracranial pressure. It also results in brain damage or it can be a reason for a death of a person.

Hemicraniectomy is really a complex procedure. In this, almost half of the skull is removed to allow the brain to swell beyond the limits of the skull.

It helps to alleviate the excess pressure. Once the swelling is reduced, the skull can be saturated back to its place.

It can really help to save a life but it leaves patients severely disabled with low quality of life.

-Mechanical Embolectomy

This surgery is used to treat the acute stroke. There is extremely blood clotting in the brain. During mechanical embolectomy, the blood clot in the brain is removed using a stent. It is basically a tiny wire mesh tube that helps to artery open in the body.

A stent is inserted into an artery through a catheter starting in the leg, making it a much less invasive than brain surgery. When the catheter is removed, the stent and the clot are both removed along with it.

-Medical Therapy

Medical therapy is used for the treatment of small unruptured cerebral aneurysms. Strategies include the smoking and blood pressure control.  

These are the only factors that result in a significant effect on aneurysm formation. If a person is suffering from high blood pressure then doctor prescribe you hypertensive medication or several exercise plan.  

-Surgical Clipping

American neurosurgeon introduced the method of clipping. Aneurysm clips available in numerous varieties, shape, and size. Surgical clipping is the gold standard in the treatment of both ruptured and unruptured cerebral aneurysms.  

A neurosurgeon places a surgical clip around its base. The clip seals off an aneurysm so that blood does not enter.

For an uncomplicated surgical clipping procedure, the person is staying in the hospital usually up to three to four days.

Well, this is the end of an article of 5 best surgery to cure stroke treatment. Early treatment is necessary to cure the disease.

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