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5 Causes of a Brain Aneurysm

In this article, you will learn about 5 causes of a brain aneurysm. A brain aneurysm is basically due to a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel inside the brain.

This cause due to the area of the blood vessel gets worn out by the continuous flow of blood and bulges out. It almost like a bubble.

A brain Aneurysm does not cause symptoms or health problems. You can live a normal life without having to realize of a brain Aneurysm.

In the serious conditions, it can explode or leak.

A brain Aneurysm causes bleeding in the brain. It is also known as hemorrhagic stroke, It is very serious and requires urgent medical care otherwise death may also happen.

In this condition, a person would go into coma condition. A brain Aneurysm reduced blood flow to the brain. In this, there would be permanent brain damage also.

Aneurysms causing symptoms like a severe headache to stroke-like symptoms or death.

1. Common in Brain Aneurysms

About 1.5 to 5 percent of the total population suffers from a brain aneurysm.  This disease is most common in the united states.

About 4 to 5 million people have in the united states have brain aneurysms. Most people are not producing any symptoms of these diseases.

Between 0.5 to 4 percent of people with a brain aneurysm. They may also suffer from Bleeding. They vary in different shape and size.

2. Size


Small aneurysms are very small and less than 5 mm

Medium aneurysms are about  6–15 mm

Large aneurysms are  about 16–25 mm

Giant aneurysms are about  25 mm (1 1/4 inch).

3. Shape

Saccular shape with a well-defined neck

Fusiform shape without a distinct neck

How is a cerebral Aneurysm diagnosed

4. Causes of a Brain Aneurysm


Brain consist of mainly four arteries, two carotid arteries, and two vertebral arteries. It mainly supplies the excess nutrition to the brain.

It supplies basically an oxygen and glucose. This loop of arteries is basically located at the base part of the brain and send basically branch arteries to all the part of the brain.

The junctions where arteries meet make a weak spot. These sac-like structures may also cause to be leaking or spilling blood in the surrounding brain tissue.

5. High Blood Pressure, Trauma, and Tumors

There are several causes like an high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, trauma, heredity and abnormal blood flow where all the arteries come together.

There are other rare causes of an aneurysm. A mycotic aneurysm is basically caused by an infection in the artery wall. Tumors and trauma can also be a cause of an aneurysm.

Drug Abuse

Many people will be taking several drugs prescribed especially for cocaine. It also causes artery walls to be inflamed and weakening of blood vessels.

A nowadays brain aneurysm is common. At autopsy, incidental aneurysms that have never be a cause of any symptoms. Issues are found to be more than basically 1% people.

Most aneurysms are too small and can never be diagnosed. Some are gradually making a huge pressure on the surrounding brain tissues and nerves.  

It may be diagnosed because of several Strokes-like symptoms like:


A severe headache


Numbness, or weakness of one side of the face,


A dilated pupil, or


Change in vision


Well, this was the end of the article of 5 causes of a brain aneurysm.  Treatment for a brain aneurysm is very important. By getting a proper treatment you will ensure to understand the best options for our specific needs.

Brain Aneurysm Treatment

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