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How to Treat Acute Stroke

In this article, you will learn about how to treat acute stroke.During a stroke, our one or more areas of the brain can be damaged.

Depending upon the area affected, a person may lose their ability to move one side of the body or the other number of functions.

The damage of stroke is either temporary or permanent. A long-term damage of acute stroke basically depends on how much the brain area is to be affected.

Types of Stroke


Stroke is basically divided into two types. The first type is known as hemorrhagic stroke.

It basically happens when an artery in the brain bleeds. This kind of stroke is caused by an aneurysm which is also called arteriovenous malformation.

It is basically a range abnormal blood vessel in the brain that may cause a excessive bleeding.

The other type of stroke is known as an ischemic stroke. It basically happens when a blood clot blocks the artery that carries excessive blood to the brain.

It is because of deprived of oxygen, brain cells die at a rate of one million cells per minute. Ischemic stroke also increases the chance of permanent brain damage.

The goal of the treatment is to stabilize the patient and to be a complete assessment and evaluation. In this step, we completely focus on the blood pressure control, determination of the risk of thrombolytic intervention.

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke


The symptoms of stroke basically depend on the area that is affected by the brain due to lack of oxygen.

All types of stroke are basically involved in symptoms that relate to the impairment of nerve function.

These symptoms commonly arise on any side of the body.  Its other symptoms are :


vision loss or changes.



Change in the level of consciousness

Troubleshooting understanding problem

Balance problems

How Can Stroke Treat?

There are several treatment options for stroke depending on the frequency of stroke. If you have a stroke that is caused by blood clotting then you also recommended drug treatment.

Drug treatment

There is only one food approved by the drug treatment for an acute ischemic stroke. Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)  and for acute ischemic stroke.

Tissue plasminogen activator is given by the intravenous therapy. It works by dissolving the clot and improving blood flow to the part of the brain.

It is being deprived by the blood flow to the brain.

Drug treatment should be followed within the three hours and for up to 4 hours before the symptoms of stroke is to be started.

Mechanical Devices

Some stroke is treated with several mechanical devices. It can be removed by breaking or remove the blood clots.

If clot-busting drugs are ruled out then there is also another option for FDA approved mechanical devices.

In this surgeon removes some  FDA approved mechanical devices.

In this, the surgeon removes basically small mechanical device into the blockage artery by using a thin tube. Once inside the tool trapped inside the clot.

It either breaks or the surgeon pulls it out of the brain. Then the process of reopening the blood vessel is again started.

Hemorrhagic stroke is also called bleeding. It occurs when an artery in the brain leaking a excessive blood or rupture a heavy blood flow.

Our first motive is to find the main causes of brain bleeding and then how we control it. Some options for the treatment including surgical clips or coils inserted in an aneurysm.

It not only controls the high blood pressure but also remove the bleeding vessel that has spilled inside the brain.

Well, this was the end of the article on how to treat acute stroke.

By preventing this measures. We reduce the impact of acute stroke.

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