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Neuro Intervention India is one of the most famous and the best available clinic for neurology in India. Working well inside the country, Neuro Intervention India has its best team at the service for treatment and services. We provide the best care from the best Neurologists available inside India. Dr. Vipul Gupta, the best-appreciated Neurologist in India is the head of the team in Neuro Intervention India.

It is not an easy job or a way to provide complete cure to a neuro problem. It requires different levels of treatment and courses which includes cure through medicines as well as cure through surgery which involves surgery inside skull and brain. This is not an easy operation that anybody could do without giving a thought. But it is made possible and given services at it’s best for neuro intervention by Dr. Vipul Gupta and team in Neuro Intervention India.

Neuro Intervention India takes various awareness classes regarding the health and health issues. We give more awareness on prevention and Cure for neuro intervention diseases and also Provide treatment orders and give an idea about life before and after treatment and surgery and also the care that should be given for the patient by the family and friends.

Neurologists in Neuro Intervention India focus mainly on seminars and classes taken on the topic of stroke, about the cause, symptoms, reasons, treatment facilities and care that has to be given on world stroke day. We take seminars on health issues and damages caused by pollution around the country and its effects on living beings leading to stroke. We also give lectures on topics like neck pain, blood pressure and sudden loss of eyesight leading to stroke, lecture on reasons and symptoms of the stroke on world stroke day.

We in Neuro Intervention India have a great team including many other Neurologists specialized in each field.

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