Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis is the body condition found in people commonly around the world. The loss of the muscle functions in your body. It may be either certain parts or all the parts. Usually, paralysis is considered permanent. But most of the times they are curable and temporary in nature. One of the major faults of this disease is that people are not aware of it and regarding the treatments available.


Major causes for the condition of paralysis are the stroke, and spinal injury due to accidents. Paralysis caused by stroke in most cases are curable and regain the regular life were as serious spinal injury may lead to a permanent paralysis. Any cerebral problems can lead to paralysis. Strokes are usually found of two types:

  • Hemorrhagic
  • Ischemic

Strokes occur when there is an interruption in the blood flow inside the brain that will eventually lead to the brain cell damages leading to paralysis. One other reason is the blood clot that occurs in the brain due to the vein damage that is usually caused by high blood pressure leading to paralysis.


Some of the symptoms that can be usually seem in the beginning of paralysis are feeling a numbness in your body or sometimes not able to feel your body parts at all. Unable to control the muscles and actions can also be the part of the symptoms.

Other Causes

People are not enough aware of the treatments available for paralysis. There are many hospitals and rehabilitation centers that provide help and treatment. Most of the treatment methods are Therapy. There are various Therapies like physical therapy to move your muscles and bring you back to action.

There is speech therapy when your mouth is paralyzed. Mouth is the first part that gets paralyzed when you undergo paralysis. Hence speech therapy helps to bring back the senses in your tongue and begin speaking again. There are sessions with psychologist that will help you to get better from your trauma and special occupational therapy that will help you train yourself again to whatever job, occupation or activities you did before. Most of the doctors suggest surrounding the patient with people, especially family and friends in order to make them feel wanted and keep them from feeling lonely and depressed with the trauma they might get in.

In other cases, medicines provide half the treatment for paralysis and help to get better with the muscles. In some rare cases, operations and surgery help to overcome paralysis in a short span of time along with the therapy.


There are ways to prevent yourself from being paralyzed. Some them are:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Eat nutritious food without skipping meals
  • Have good sleep
  • Relax make yourself stress-free
  • Early diagnosis and check-ups to find the problem
  • Walking and exercise to move your body muscles
  • Under control blood pressure with doctor’s direction
  • Avoiding accidents

These are some of the methods through which you can prevent having paralysis to the extent. Treatments and preventions are also available in ayurvedic treatment in a different manner along with physical therapy and oil massages.