Stroke treatment in India

Stroke has scored the sixth rank among the diseases that cause death. Millions of cases of stroke are being reported to hospitals every year in our country. Strokes are usually a condition found in the old age. But it is just a saying, even youth suffer from this disease.

Major reasons and types of Stroke

The major reason for causing stroke is because of interruption in the flow of blood inside the brain. There are two types of stroke

  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Ischemic stroke

When the blood stops flowing to the certain part of your brain, it results in the stroke. An interruption in blood flow causes brain cell damage to that particular area. That is when people fall unconscious and critical.

Treatment for Stroke

Earlier stroke was considered to be an incurable disease. It was a disease that people hot scared about and to the point, still is. Earlier times the treatment after being attacked by the stroke was difficult and unavailable. But with the growth of technology and development of a medical field in our nation, treat for stroke has become completely possible and has got into the list of curable diseases. But still, in some cases like hemorrhagic stroke or when taken slowly for the treatment, it becomes impossible to save the person.

Strokes can be caused also due to high blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure in some cases end is up with a stroke attack in the old age. High pressure leads to vein damage in the brain that later clots and create problems. This is the common case for the stroke. It is one form of hemorrhagic stroke that changes the pressure inside the brain.

But treatment has become possible that people get back to normal from the paralysis stage. Early diagnosis can prevent the disease.

Symptom and Remedies

One major symptom of the stroke is the feeling of numbness in your legs and hands due to the interruption of blood flow. A headache for a long time, body pain, eyesight trouble and depression can be other symptoms of stroke.
There is various rehabilitation available to overcome stroke in hospitals. They are :

Speech Therapy When the stroke occurs, it affects paralysis your tongue. Doing Speech therapy regularly can help the person to overcome this and go back to speaking normally.

Physiotherapy This is another treatment after stroke attack were a person is made to move his body parts especially paralyzed parts so that it doesn't affect the muscle forever but gain back its power.

A session with a Psychologist Some people are sensitive patients. They take everything seriously and easily get affected. A session with the psychologist will help them overcome the trauma and continue with their regular life.

Support Groups, Spending time with Friends and Family This will be the one major treatment that could be given to the patient. Support groups with similarly affected people will make them relax and understand the situation better and overcome the Problem. Spending time with family and friends helps them relax and feel tension free about what they have gone through. It is necessary that they should never feel different and think that their life is all over.

Occupational therapy This is another kind of Therapy that could be given to patients to return back to their original lifestyle and job. Many people engage in different types of occupation that will require arms and legs. But stroke may affect the muscle and movements. The occupational therapy helps them to train themselves back to normal trying out their job activity slightly during treatment and overcome the trauma.

These are some ways for treatment and overcoming the trauma of stroke that has become a regular disease now. Though it is considered serious, the medical field has passed milestones that diseases have become curable and not some to be scared and worried about for long.