Brain Aneurysm Treatment

This is a condition where the arteries which carry blood to brain swells up/ balloons. A brain aneurysm otherwise known as An intracranial aneurysm usually occurs on the base of the skull or between the root of the brain. An aneurysm which causes the swelling up of the blood vessel leads to the bust-up/ rupture and thereby threatening the life of the patient this condition is known as Subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Causes of Brain Aneurysm

The cause of an aneurysm may be due to many factors which include:

Hereditary/ Genetic factor

The chances of a person being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm is high if it is carried in his/her genes that is, if a family member (with direct blood relation) of the patient was already a patient with a brain aneurysm, then that person can also be diagnosed with it.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also a reason for a brain aneurysm among people.


The chances of developing brain aneurysm are high in women when compared with men.


People belonging to African American race have a high probability of developing brain aneurysm when compared with whites.

Previous record

A person who was affected by aneurysm previously can be again diagnosed with it. Even though it was completely treated.

There are various symptoms which shows a person has a brain aneurysm and this can be a sudden and severe headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, fainting, seizure, neck pain etc.

There are several types of treatment for a brain aneurysm which includes Medication and Surgery in addition to this method like Calcium channel blockers, Anti-seizure medications are also adopted.


Medications can be prescribed by the neurosurgeons in order to lessen the clotting of blood inside the blood vessels which leads to swelling of blood vessels. By taking medications the blood clot dissolves.


The Neurosurgeon conducts the surgery in the clotted area in order to prevent the rupture of a blood vessel which leads to bleeding. The medical procedure of surgery are:

  • Embolization

  • Where the abnormal blood vessels are purposefully blocked in order to avoid further blocking of a blood vessel.

  • Clipping

  • The walls of arteries are sealed off by placing a clip through surgery by the neurosurgeon to prevent bleeding by the rupture of a blood vessel.

  • Endovascular coiling

  • As in clipping here, the neurosurgeon inserts a coil in the blood vessel to close off the bulge to prevent bleeding of blood vessels through rupture.

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